Grinding stone

On Sundays, our house would be a hustle and bustle of activities. Early in the morning, mother would be making the menu for an indulgent breakfast, an elaborate lunch and a light dinner. For all her cooking, one thing was common. The grinding stone. The grinding stone came in a pair. The base a flat surface, sometimes with a pointed tip and a pestle like-rolling pin, made of stone again. It was popularly called sil-batta in Hindi and shil nora in my mother tongue, Bengali.

For the fish preparation, she would grind mustard and green chillies in little water. Then there was a paste of poppy seeds, the aromatic ginger and garlic paste and a host of others. It used to be music when the grinding stone was in action.

Every few months a person would visit our house on a bicycle and etch out little motifs like a house, fish, river, trees on the grinder base, to make it new and worthy. It used to be a visual delight to watch him perform and etch out stories in stone.

A small video I discovered over the web.

But now, over the years the music of the grinding has stopped. The fading grinding stone has been exiled to a corner of the kitchen. It stands against the wall and stares silently into space. I think it envy’s the whirring of the blender, which comes to life everyday and sometimes the blender looks lonely when mother takes a dollop from the ready made packets of ground spices and puts it in the food.

We have come a long way…


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  1. Awesome stuff…and the freshness of the ingredients that are thrown into the wok straight from the grinding stone can only be tasted and not described in words… nice post.

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